Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why I Let Go of My Book Baskets

When setting up my classroom library I've tried it all!  I have labeled by genre, labeled by favorite author and series, labeled by level, put the books in baskets, and had the books stacked out of name it, I've done it!  Over the years I have found that keeping things simple is best for me.  I guess simple is relative but in my room this means the students can easily access books they need, they understand the system, and I don't have to do a lot of management.

After moving to first I quickly realized the organizational system I used in third was not going to work well for my firsties.  We use the Accelerated Reading program at our school and when they looked for books they looked for their color dot.  So, I totally revamped my library.

First, I decided to take away the baskets.  This just confused the students when trying to put books back into their proper place.

Next, I color coded my books with the sticker dots used in our main library to find students "just right" level text.  I also added a small sticker to the back and wrote the exact level of the book on it.  I placed labels on the shelf to show the reading range stored in each "cubbie" and then stacked my books on the shelf under the correct range.

This looks exactly the way the shelves in our main library look and has taken so much confusion away from the kiddos! One system, both places. Simple.

I pull seasonal books and books that pertain to things we are learning and put them on this shelf each month.  Students can borrow books here also.  This makes it a little easier when they want to locate books they may be interested in because of things we are studying.

Our library also has a comfy couch and some stackable rockers students can sit in when they read or listen to books.

There you have it! No more baskets. No more labels. I've decided that a simple leveled library works best for us!

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