Sunday, August 14, 2016

Using Student Numbers

Hi everyone! I just finished by first week back at school! Two days of PD and then three with my precious first graders! We are off to a great start and I have to say I these kiddos are awesome! I'm sure we are going to have a fabulous year!

This summer I've seen a lot of questions posed by teachers asking how to use student numbers in the elementary classroom. I have used them in both third and first grade.  In third, I required students to write their numbers on their paper and I used them to quickly organize papers into sorting trays. When I moved to first I found that using numbers would still be greatly beneficial because supplies tend to walk away and then arguments erupt  because everyone thinks their "mine"!   So, here are the ways I use numbers for organization in my first grade classroom...

I label the cubbies with numbers instead of student names. This way I don't have to scrape name stickers out of them at the end of the year. Been there, done that! This is the second year I've had these numbers in the cubbies and they still look great! I do not laminate them. I just put clear packing tape over them and that does the trick!

I help students remember their number by writing it on their name plate.  (By the way, have you seen the new plastic adhesive name plates from Really Good Stuff? AWESOME!!! They last ALL YEAR!!!!) I then label their block eraser, white board eraser, white board, and clip board.  When I find them on the floor or in another desk, I just look at the number and return it to the correct student. No disruptions!

I use my Cricut to number square tiles on the floor for lining up.  The first one is labeled line leader and then the numbers start from 1 and count up.  We walk and line up in this order everywhere we go!! No more skipping, she's in my spot, etc.  I really think the students appreciate it. They know where they are supposed to be and they get there because its their spot.

I make the circles by cutting 4 inch circles from permanent black adhesive paper.  Then I cut out each number in a 3 inch font from permanent white adhesive paper.  I put down the black circle first and follow with the white number.  The paper will come up. Last year I pealed off the plastic then sprayed the residue with windex and scraped it off. It came up rather easily. It was well worth the extra clean up effort!

Last, I labeled my drawer cart with the same numbers I use in the cubbies.  This is where students keep their morning work binders and writing folders.

If you've never tried organizing with numbers give it a try!  It has helped me tremendously with management!  Click here for some free numbers to get you started!  Thanks for stopping by!

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