Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Building A Classroom Community ~ Week Two

We spend a lot of time at the beginning of the year building relationships and practicing procedures in our classroom. The first two weeks we focus on our classroom community then we transition into learning about citizenship and the community we live in. This is part two of how we spend our first two weeks. You can read about week one here. We continue into week two using five more great books and more FREE resources! 

We begin the week by reading Mean Jean Recess Queen.  This book is a great gateway into discussing bullying and how to respond to it. 

We will create a chart similar to the one below and talk about behaviors Jean has that are wrong and then we talk about how we should treat someone like Jean.

Tuesday we read Tattle Tongue.  This is a book we probably will revisit at some point during the school year because tattling is always a big deal in first grade. This book begins a great discussion about right and wrong and the difference between tattling and reporting.

Rachelle at What the Teacher Wants has a great sort we use to discuss emergencies or tattles. You can find it here.
Primary Polka Dots has this great poster in her shop that we post on our wall to remind us when we should report.
Wednesday we continue with our theme of friendship and how we use our words with Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon.

We talk about how important it is to be yourself! We will complete a sort as a class and talk about words that help and words that hurt using another great resource from Rachelle you can find here. We will  also create a chart that we can use to help us apologize when we say or do something that hurts our friends feelings.

Thursday we use this fun book to discuss what a good listener looks like! We will talk about when it is appropriate to talk and when its important to listen. We will create a class chart and a following directions craft similar to the one in the picture below from The First Grade Parade.

We end our week with Decibella and discuss voice levels that are appropriate for our classroom. We will practice whisper voices, partner voices, group voices, etc.  This lesson comes at the perfect time because we will begin station rotations when students return on Monday! 

I use Regan Tunstalls voice level charts that can be downloaded here for free!

So...that's what we will be doing during our first two weeks in first grade! What are your favorite books and resources for building community in your classroom?

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