Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My Top Ten School Supplies

It's that time of year again! July brings thoughts of getting back into the classroom and the reminders that it's coming soon are everywhere! Many new teachers who are preparing for their first classroom are looking for those "must haves" so I thought I would share a few of my favorite, most used supplies.

My Scotch Laminator and Amazon Laminating Film

I use these every week when making things for my reading and math workstations.  Our school has a laminator but these are so much thicker and hold up longer.

Crayons...I can never have enough. They break and walk away often!

We list four glue sticks on our supply list but they don't last long!  When my kiddos run out I purchase glue by the box from Amazon. 

I use Astrobrights paper every week. I print my weekly newsletters on it. I've found that if I change up the color weekly parents are more likely to read it. I also print my spelling and vocabulary words on it as well as many of my station activities.

My students use their personal whiteboards daily. I found these magnetic erasers on Amazon last year and LOVE them!

We use highlighters when reading passages to find sight words, words that fit the pattern we are studying, vocabulary words, and to prove where we find answers in a text we are reading.  

Post its...used for EVERYTHING!!

LOVE! Flair pens to not bleed through paper and are so bright and cheerful! I have an Elmo in my classroom and can't write with a pencil because my students can't see it.  I use these pens daily!

My students use clip boards during stations, at the rug, and when playing games like Scoot!

This was a HUGE purchase for me last year! I thought all summer about it and finally bought it right before school started.  My cart I had used for years was broke.  I spent a year without one and missed it! I use this every day. I don't have much whiteboard space, plus I would much rather teach with students on the rug in front of me.

I hope this list helps you when looking for your back to school purchases! What are your must haves?